Dahlias, Beans and Drama Queens

One job I just had to get done this weekend was cut the dahlias down and cover with a mulch. I decided to leave my dahlias in the ground over winter, a combination of being lazy and pure curiosity. A bit more of the lazy if I’m being completely honest.

I also got my broad beans in this weekend, I usually sow a little earlier (beginning of November) and cover with a tunnel cloche, they’re such tough little things they don’t really need the extra faffing but all seeds appreciate a little warmth to germinate. The weather has turned rather chilly, the cloche will really help to get them going.

I decided to sow The Sutton which is a dwarf variety, being shorter plants they should shrug off windy weather without much help from me. I have grown this variety before and the plants are compact but crop well.

Just the two rows with a generous spacing of beans to allow for failures, I’m the only broad bean fan in my family so this is plenty, besides, I’m still enjoying summer broad beans from the freezer.

A late summer planting of cauliflower ‘All The Year Round’ paid off, I’m rather chuffed with the caulis this year! I don’t bother growing them during summer anymore, they usually sulk in the heat and if they do decide to behave I don’t get to them quick enough before they bolt.

Just a couple of weeks after harvesting the first one, the rest have decided to mature all at once which is usually what happens with cauliflowers. They’re fussy and tricky to grow and I don’t always succeed, but when I do I like to milk it just a little bit.

I call them the drama queens of the brassicas.

14 thoughts on “Dahlias, Beans and Drama Queens

  1. I leave the dahlias in the ground, and I have no problem, but the winters in Brittany are not very cold.
    The Sutton, a very good choice ! Enjoy the flowers, they are plenty and beautiful.

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      1. That’s really helpful info, thank you. Sounds very similar to mine except for the bark, is that what you use to over winter them or just where they happen to be?


      2. You’ve got me thinking now, I might use bark/wood chips mulch on my cut flower patches once the rest of the plants are out and cleared away, might be the way to go with weeds too.

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