Dahlias, Beans and Drama Queens

One job I just had to get done this weekend was cut the dahlias down and cover with a mulch. I decided to leave my dahlias in the ground over winter, a combination of being lazy and pure curiosity. A bit more of the lazy if I'm being completely honest. I also got my broad … Continue reading Dahlias, Beans and Drama Queens

All Hail the Brassica!

Winter creeps ever closer and this is the time of year when brassicas become the stars of the allotment. All summer long they're out of sight, tucked under mesh to protect from Cabbage White butterflies and whitefly. I admire the beauty of winter greens now, not just on my plot but others too. They stand … Continue reading All Hail the Brassica!

Autumn Tidy Up

I took advantage of the beautiful weather today and made a start on the autumn tidy up. Some of the squash vines were looking very sad indeed, with fruiting long finished it was time to pull them up. I'll hold off from clearing the Moranga squash for now, they're still going strong and I plan … Continue reading Autumn Tidy Up