Cold Enough For Snow

Snow arrived last night, just a light covering and I can’t say I’m surprised to see it. For many days now it has been bitterly cold, Storm Arwen arrived Friday night and blew away by early hours of Sunday which ended up being a beautiful sunny day, but oh so cold. Luckily no damage was done by the storm, other areas of the UK haven’t been so fortunate.

On Sunday I made the most of the calmer weather and built two raised beds, one to go where the bean bed was and the other for the scruffy unused area next to the rhubarb. Using gravel boards I’ve had stashed away I worked quickly, before my fingers froze to the drill. The beds didn’t take long to make and all I need to do now is fill them up with compost.

I ran out of cardboard to line the smaller bed so I’ve decided to line it with a few inches of dirty chicken bedding topped with compost from the bins. That should keep the rhubarb happy!

I hope you got through Storm Arwen unscathed.


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