Chicken Keeping

I have kept chickens for many years so naturally over time gained a lot of experience. I started out keeping ex battery hens as far back as 2006 (now referred to as ex-commercial layers) and have lost count of the many lovely hens adopted since then. I also keep hybrid layers and large fowl Brahma which are heavily feathered with feathery feet. Brahma are gentle giants and very similar in looks to the tiny Pekin Bantam hen, just much larger!

I don’t house my chickens on the allotment, they live in my garden which offers the space to roam around quite happily and security from predators. When I’m not there to keep an eye on them I know they’re safe inside large predator-proof pens. Of course this is possible to achieve on an allotment (my plot is too small to house chickens comfortably) and many people do keep chickens on allotments without issues. The only downside to housing chickens on an allotment is you would be obligated to visit multiple time a day to carry out necessary care and to lock hens away at night, this can be tricky in winter especially if there isn’t a water source. I am lucky to have a garden so for me personally it’s easier to keep chickens at home.

Even though my chickens are not housed on my allotment they are still very much part of it. I collect the very best brown compost material of chicken manure mixed with chopped straw, added to the compost bins this helps to heat things up and speed the composting process along, eventually breaking down into nitrogen-rich compost/mulch which my brassica love me for. My chickens are key to keeping my soil fertile and contribute towards an endless supply of homemade compost which is essential for my no dig allotment!

I share my knowledge of keeping chickens on the blog, from basic care to health issues, as well as chicken behaviour, this can be found under the Chicken Keeping section. If you’re new to chicken keeping I hope you find the information helpful, feel free to leave me a comment with any questions you may have.

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