Chicken Keeping

Do Chickens Get Colds?

A respiratory infection in chickens (also turkeys) caused by mycoplasma gallisepticum bacteria is often incorrectly referred to as a cold. Mycoplasma is a common illness in winter and at times of stress, it is contagious and transmitted by wild birds,…

How to Introduce New Chickens to a Flock

There’s no going back once you’ve caught the chicken keeping bug. Apart from the obvious reason why people decide to keep them, chickens are great company, fun to watch and seriously addictive. With so many breeds and pretty colours to choose from (don’t forget the many rescue hens needing homes too),…

Top 10 Tips for Keeping Chickens in Winter

Healthy chickens are quite hardy during a typical UK winter, even so, it pays to have some knowledge on caring for chickens during the colder months. Here are my tops tips for keeping your feathery friends happy:…

Poultry Worms

From time to time your chickens will get worms, and I don’t mean the juicy kind they find in the garden. I’m referring to intestinal worms. Eek! Poultry worms are a common occurrence, especially if your flock free range frequently.…


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