A Windy Day on the Allotment

I went to the allotment early this morning to get the garlic planted, it was sunny but with a biting wind to put a chill in your bones if you stood idle too long. Allotment chats with other plot holders were quicker than usual today.

It was such a good year for garlic on our allotment site and probably the best harvest I’ve ever had, rather than buy seed garlic every autumn I replant my own grown and this year I have some lovely big bulbs to use. Before planting my garlic I lay the cloves out on the surface of the soil, spacing each clove approximately 6 inches apart.

Once I’m happy with the row spacings I plant the cloves pointy end facing up, the garlic tips about an inch below the surface of the soil.

If you’re a new allotment gardener or would like more information on how to grow garlic take a look at this post I wrote

The wind steadily picked up by early afternoon to the point it was starting to hurt my ears, I forgot my woolly hat, silly me. Before I left for home I pulled carrots for dinner.

These are Autumn King which do really well on my allotment and seem to be very tolerant of wet weather, heavy soils and slugs. I do lose a few to slugs but on the whole they are a good carrot for late harvesting, even through winter for me here in Bedfordshire.


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