End of Year Allotment Visit

Today I grabbed the chance to get out in the fresh air and blow some cobwebs away at the allotment, I enjoy visiting for a potter around and the peace and quiet was a tonic after busy Christmas shenanigans. I had a couple of things to do on the plot but first up the kettle… Continue reading End of Year Allotment Visit


February on the Allotment

So far February has been a cold and very blustery month with some crisp sunny days here and there. On the allotment broad beans are growing well and I noticed a couple of late bloomers pushing through, if you look closely you might be able to make them out. Broad beans are tough little plants… Continue reading February on the Allotment


Christmas Dinner!

The joy of popping to the plot to harvest vegetables on Christmas Eve, it has to be one of the most rewarding visits us allotment gardeners do and one I know I really look forward to. Sometimes though it doesn't all go to plan despite our best efforts, but what we do harvest we cherish… Continue reading Christmas Dinner!


Dahlias, Beans and Drama Queens

One job I just had to get done this weekend was cut the dahlias down and cover with a mulch. I decided to leave my dahlias in the ground over winter, a combination of being lazy and pure curiosity. A bit more of the lazy if I'm being completely honest. I also got my broad… Continue reading Dahlias, Beans and Drama Queens


Eco Wood Treatment Review

After taking delivery of untreated scaffold planks to make raised beds I was struck with how bright the wood was, it was a sunny day and the glare really hurt my eyes. I purposely chose untreated wood to lessen the risk of anything nasty leeching into the soil so I had to find something non… Continue reading Eco Wood Treatment Review