Allotment Buddy

Frosty mornings for most of this week so I thought I’d pop to the allotment to check things over. I took my dog with me seeing as I wasn’t planning on doing any real work, just a potter around really. Boudica is very well behaved at the allotment but soon gets bored, quick visits are when I usually take her with me.

She saw a pigeon….

The purpose of this particular allotment visit was to check to see how the dahlias are holding up after the frosts this week, I think we can safely say they’re not looking very alive anymore. Time to cut them down and mulch for winter me thinks, but that will be for another day.

Boudica seemed to be enjoying herself, whizzing around the paths on my plot and having a good sniff around…..

She’s 12 years old now but still thinks she’s 12 months, long may that continue I say!

The only positive of her going deaf due to old age is she’s currently asleep next to me completely oblivious to the sound of fireworks.

Stay safe everyone!


2 thoughts on “Allotment Buddy

  1. Gorgeous dog – you are very lucky! I’ll be taking my dahlias down too this weekend at the allotment – have already removed those at home. Weirdly one of my fuchsias is still hanging on regardless!!

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