A Windy Day on the Allotment

I went to the allotment early this morning to get the garlic planted, it was sunny but with a biting wind to put a chill in your bones if you stood idle too long. Allotment chats with other plot holders were quicker than usual today. It was such a good year for garlic on our… Continue reading A Windy Day on the Allotment


Compost, Planting and Sunday Dinner!

The raised beds on Plot 11w are taking some time to completely fill up, I'm getting there slowly, just concentrating on one bed at a time. Homemade compost has been set aside to mulch the larger beds on Plot 5 as I clear them, so I'm having to buy in compost to top the raised… Continue reading Compost, Planting and Sunday Dinner!

Growing Guides

How to Grow Garlic

Garlic adds wonderful flavours to home cooking and has amazing health benefits. It's so simple to grow, just keep some back each year for replanting and you'll probably never need to buy it again. Ideally you should use seed garlic for planting which come in packs of 2 or 3 bulbs, it’s not actually little seeds… Continue reading How to Grow Garlic


A Lovely Day for Planting Garlic

Last Sunday I managed to get the garlic planted, even though it was cold the sun was shining which was a pleasant break from the rain! This month has been very wet making working on the plot difficult, however it's really nothing to grumble about when homes and land are being affected by floods when… Continue reading A Lovely Day for Planting Garlic


Planting Garlic

Just over a week ago I planted garlic, just a couple of rows to test how this particular crop fairs on my allotment. My soil is heavy clay which can get very sticky in wet weather, to help prevent my garlic from rotting I created little planting holes with a trowel and half filled them… Continue reading Planting Garlic