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How To Hand Pollinate Pumpkins and Squash

The pumpkin patch vines are producing plenty of big buttery-yellow flowers now which are so pretty. Bees and other insects do a fantastic job of pollinating, but sometimes I hand pollinate my pumpkins and squash to be sure of success or to save seed from a particular variety. Hand pollination is really simple but first… Continue reading How To Hand Pollinate Pumpkins and Squash


Planting Sunflowers Beneath a Grey Sky

The sunflowers were released from their pot prisons at the weekend, roughly a month later than I would normally plant sunflowers out but hey, they're in now and I can look forward to watching them grow and bloom. I planted a good mix of single yellow giants and multi-branching types in shades of dark purple,… Continue reading Planting Sunflowers Beneath a Grey Sky


The Heat Is On

We're in the midst of a mini heatwave with tomorrow set to be even hotter before fresher weather moves in. The heat is certainly helping seeds to germinate, the replacement beans started off in pots are popping through and I will sow another two rows of main crop carrots this week. I noticed a large… Continue reading The Heat Is On


Allotment Jobs for June

It's time to enjoy the first harvests such as early potatoes, broad beans, peas and ripening strawberries. The risk of frost diminishes this month and crops such as beans and squash can be planted out or sown direct. The need for weeding and watering the allotment will increase as the weather warms, mulching the soil with organic… Continue reading Allotment Jobs for June

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Wellies and Walkies

The month us gardeners yearn for is finally here and it has been a rather soggy start. My wellies are needed once again, but this time for walks with Rosie in the rain. Rosie and I pass through the allotments on our walks, we have a little look and sniff around (Rosie does the sniffing)… Continue reading Wellies and Walkies


February on the Allotment

So far February has been a cold and very blustery month with some crisp sunny days here and there. On the allotment broad beans are growing well and I noticed a couple of late bloomers pushing through, if you look closely you might be able to make them out. Broad beans are tough little plants… Continue reading February on the Allotment