Making the Most of the Sunshine

The sun was shining today, making me feel warmer than it actually was. It has been cold, very cold, and from this weekend onwards it will be even colder. Perhaps even some snow. Yuk.

I made a new raised bed for one of the flower borders but forgot to take a photo for the blog. If you imagine a rectangle wooden frame with some soil in, that’s pretty much accurate. So the idea is, I will be forced to take much better care of my dahlias than I have done and not neglect deadheading and weeding or allow the tubers to freeze and rot in wet clay soil over winter. Yeah, I lost the lot. Bad dahlia mum. I will remember to cut them down in autumn and lift to store, no more laziness.

The only flowers on the allotment right now are daffodils, I thought I had planted Tete A Tete but in fact they are Jetfire, another lovely dwarf variety with downward angling blooms and orange-red trumpets. As the blooms open the petals are swept back, these are just getting going and there are another 3 clumps just beginning to open. I’m pleasantly surprised at how much they have multiplied since planting last year. A welcome splash of colour!

Broad bean The Sutton glowing in the sunshine, they were sown in November and survived the voles and big freeze. Warriors.

Also toughing it out are garlic Red Duke, they love the cold but it still amazes me when green shoots grow quite happily all winter.

Apart from my average DIY skills I also did a bit of planting! A rhubarb crown split from a whopping big one in my garden at home came to the plot with me today, I planted it next to the blue shed. I will probably trip over the leaves at some point and wonder why on earth I put it there, but for now I’m happy just to see more green loveliness on the allotment!

Stay warm all.


10 thoughts on “Making the Most of the Sunshine

  1. Good to see your garlic survived. I had mine in a pot but the cold killed it off. Fortunately, some of last year’s stored bulbs are sprouting so I might plant more. The internet says to plant no later than January, but as we have January temperatures, will the garlic realise? I must sow some beans, but mine will be inside until it’s warmer.


    1. Ahh sorry your garlic died, the winter temps were brutal and lots of things can rot off in cold wet soil. Some of my raised beds are quite high (scaffold planks) and the garlic and beans do well in them over winter, the drainage is good. It’s certainly worth giving garlic another go, they might not split into cloves but still completely useable.

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  2. It’s all looking and sounding good. It’ certainly been chilly, and as for snow I don’t want any either. That rhubarb is doing well.
    Thanks, and you too. xx


    1. Thanks Flighty, I split that rhubarb from a massive crown about a month ago and heeled it in the garden before taking it to the plot – it doesn’t seem to have noticed! I got 5 good-sized plants from the original crown and gave some away to other plot holders. I hope the snow stays away!! xx

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  3. Taking note on your broadbeans! And a box is a bed because you say it is so. Magic. 😆

    We woke op with an unexpected sheet of ice all over everything. Afternoons are ridiculously lovely here but I know it’s just a devilish temptation to get the garden going. Thankfully we’ve got a semi-heated potting shed with racks of grow lights.

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    1. I’m hoping the box makes me a better dahlia grower, well, once I buy some new tubers to replace the dead. Oops. I tend to forget about them all jumbled in with the other flowers, and the weeds….ugh! Nightmare.

      Your weather sounds a bit pants too :/ I think it’s called Fool’s Spring….or Raring To Grow ha ha!. The shed sounds nice, keep warm! 🙂


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