February Tidy Up

The weather has certainly cheered up since my post last month, today was beautiful, a good day to get some things done on the allotment.

The asparagus plants raised from seed produced plenty of spears last year, I left well alone to ensure the plants establish. It was a battle to keep asparagus beetles from sucking the poor things dry but I managed to keep on top of it. My first harvest of asparagus is years off yet but it will be worth the wait and effort. The ferny foliage has completely died down, usually this would be cut back in autumn when yellow but it was still very green in places late last year so I left it.

I cut it all back today.

A little spear just peeking out of the soil. I will have to be strong again this year and resist the temptation to pick! I reckon another 3 years and I will enjoy my very own asparagus tips.

Sadly I won’t be enjoying early purple sprouting broccoli anytime soon either, they are well and truly dead. Boo to that.

No coming back from this. Who knew PSB was such a winter wimp? Compost heaven for these.

This is ground ivy (Creeping Charlie), it smells like cat wee and multiplies if you blink. It grows through my fence from the track road and creeps into my compost bins. It is quite pretty when it flowers and it’s usually evergreen which is useful for ground cover and weed supressing. Good for wildlife too. I plan to plant more buddleia in this bed so this lot needed to come out, but it will be back in next to no time and will grow quite happily under the shrubs, then I won’t be able to get at it will leave it alone but will continue to evict it from the compost bins to prevent spreading it everywhere.

Ta da! All weeded and ready for a couple more butterfly bushes.

I always leave the sunflowers in over winter for the birds, they have filled their beaks so these sunflower skeletons went to compost heaven too.

The big ol’ rhubarb patch is looking good. Probably needs splitting, but not this year.

The blue shed now has a sunflower curtain, just because I love sunflowers.


9 thoughts on “February Tidy Up

    1. The last couple of days have been lovely here, set to turn chilly again soon though. I hope it warms up soon so you can paint your shed, I have to paint my other one again, it’s turning mouldy-green in places!


  1. Hey sorry about your health woes. You’re not alone with it for what it’s worth. We just did a check on our Russian kale… My partner walked the row and squeezed the stalks, dead, dead, dead… probably dead. Cold hardy is not freezing your derrière hardy evidently. I had the joy of discovering a celeriac in full melt mode as I was adding some logs to the sides of our main beds to increase the depth. In a word… eeewwwww! Oh well, leaving them in place to add nutrients!

    Your shed looks cracking! Spring is on the way… it’ll come roaring in soon. 🤞


    1. Ah thanks, just feeling a bit sorry for myself I guess….there’s not much more of me they can remove after this next surgery. Sorry if you know someone living with endometriosis too….

      Shame about your kale, the freeze didn’t claim mine and it will probably burst into flower soon so I’ll leave it for the bees. Squidgy celeriac – yuk! I found some rotting potatoes I’d missed, the smell was awful!

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