Making the Most of the Sunshine

The sun was shining today, making me feel warmer than it actually was. It has been cold, very cold, and from this weekend onwards it will be even colder. Perhaps even some snow. Yuk. I made a new raised bed for one of the flower borders but forgot to take a photo for the blog.… Continue reading Making the Most of the Sunshine


New Residents on Plot 5

While weeding the cut flower patch next to the allotment shed I began hearing loud cheeping sounds, looking up towards the bird box on the shed I saw a tiny yellow beak and pair of eyes at the entrance hole. I put some distance between us and along came a parent blue tit with juicy… Continue reading New Residents on Plot 5


Winter Allotment

I finally spent some time at my allotment today and it felt so good to be out pottering around again. The weather has been pretty wild lately, two named storms one after the other (Arwen and then Barra) although not fierce where I am still packed a punch with strong biting winds and cold lashing… Continue reading Winter Allotment


Even Rainy Days Are Allotment Days

It's dark and uninviting outside, and according to the weather forecast the cold nip has been replaced by milder temperatures, although it still feels nippy to me. I don't mind the cold if I'm wrapped up with plenty of layers on but the rain is back which is just miserable. Allotment mooching is out of… Continue reading Even Rainy Days Are Allotment Days

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A Very Messy Leek Lesson

A third lockdown for England was announced by the Prime Minister on Monday which comes as no surprise given the infection/death rate statistics and concern over the new virus strain. Allotments are classed as a form of exercise which means plot holders are permitted to use them, the very nature of allotments means close proximity… Continue reading A Very Messy Leek Lesson