Cold and Frosty

I stayed away from the plot for a couple of weeks due to the constant rain and wind, it really wasn’t tempting me to go. We’re back to freezing again and it snowed quite heavily yesterday but didn’t last long enough to settle. The sun came out for a bit today and I decided a brisk walk to the allotment would be nice, which it was, but it was very cold. When I arrived I couldn’t feel my hands which really didn’t help with having to forcefully open the frozen gate, after muttering lots of bad words and wresting with the cold metal latch I finally managed to defrost it, the gate released, allowing me in at last. My hands were completely numb so I pushed the gate shut using my back, I stuffed my poor hands into my coat pockets and looked around for my friends. I was alone. Sensible people.

I trotted off to my plot, it all looked very sad and brown as it usually does this time of year. Speaking of sad, I have an update on the limp-looking sprouting broccoli situation….

Oh dear.

Most of the plants are looking worse than the last time I visited the plot but at least one looks alive. For now.

A lonely soldier in the PSB bed!

My gut tells me there’s no life left in the other plants, the stems are squishy and the tops floppy. Proper strop. However, I have made the decision to leave them where they are, just to be sure. This has never happened before so I really don’t know what to expect.

At least the kale looked beautiful. Variety Dazzling Blue, described as very winter hardy and here’s the proof:

The rhubarb is waking up again but I wonder, does it really ever sleep?! I don’t think mine does.

I noticed daffodils coming up which is always lovely to see, a reminder that brighter days will come.

Broad bean seedlings continue to grow well (the tunnel cloche really helped) and garlic seems to be ok too.

The cold snap is set to stay for a few days at least, then probably back to rain. Spring is near folks, hang on in there!


15 thoughts on “Cold and Frosty

  1. Ah, always take a flask of hot tea with you when you venture out, or a Kelly Kettle! Your kale looks grand. You’ve reminded me to toddle down to our rhubarb to see if it’s peeking out. Very jealous of yours as ours seems to struggle even years after planting. (Any secrets to share?) When it’s really nippy here I use a zippo handwarmer too. Things will be looking up in a few weeks. Seeds are on the way and bulbs are giving it a go!


    1. Oh yes tea is a must! I usually make tea in the shed on the stove. This rhubarb was planted by the previous tenant, it was a tiny little thing and totally swamped by grass. I’m sure it’s Timperley Early variety. Every autumn I spread a thick mulch of homemade compost, rich in chicken manure. It seems to like it.

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  2. I don’t blame for not going to your plot. I’ve not been to mine much either.
    Good to see the rhubarb and daffodils appearing, and the broad beans are doing well. xx


  3. We had some snow here in Brittany but not for long.
    The rain is pouring again and no sign it will stop…We need it and it’s not time to sow anything , so we can be patient and wait , preparing the new season inside near the warmth of the stove!
    Your Kale is beautiful. I’m surprise with your rhubarb, our is still sleeping and I noticed every year it is the same, yours is well in advance compare to ours.

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  4. Thanks for taking us with you on that adventurous walk to the winter garden! I do love a cold walk, but hope your fingers didn’t suffer too badly. Sad about the sprouting broccoli–hope it somehow makes it. Your rhubarb is tremendous! Wish mine looked like that. Good looking kale, and the daf’s always bring so much cheer just at the right time. Wishing you and the allotment a wonderful and vibrant new year!


    1. I’m really not sure about the broccoli, I’ve never had a problem overwintering it before, but last month the temperatures were very low and for a long period of time, unusual for our winters. Ah yes the rhubarb, it’s huge but still highly productive with thick stalks. Thanks so much Lisa, I wish you a wonderful new year too!


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