Cold and Frosty

I stayed away from the plot for a couple of weeks due to the constant rain and wind, it really wasn't tempting me to go. We're back to freezing again and it snowed quite heavily yesterday but didn't last long enough to settle. The sun came out for a bit today and I decided a… Continue reading Cold and Frosty



The UK has been gripped by an arctic blast for several days with temperatures plummeting well below freezing. I'm reading reports of temperatures dipping as low as -15C last night in Scotland. Yikes! Thankfully it's not as cold as that in my region of SE England but it's still bitterly cold. A light dusting of… Continue reading Frozen


Frosty Morning

A hard frost covered the landscape this morning turning everything it touched white and fluffy, I grabbed my camera and took my dog for her early morning walk. During our walks we pass through the allotments and I always take the opportunity to check my plot. Today I took spent a little longer than usual… Continue reading Frosty Morning