Sunny Sunday on the Plot

After a busy week I managed to squeeze a couple of hours allotment time in on Sunday. Leeks have patiently waited in their pots to go out on the plot, so this is one of the jobs I got on with.

I planted the leeks where second early potatoes were, this is a great way to make use of empty space after harvesting and known as double cropping. I squeezed 25 leeks in a little closer than I should and was left with 5 spare seedlings. I covered the bed with Enviromesh to protect from allium leaf minor and leek moth and the spare leeks went in a single row in a different bed without a cover. I don’t hold out much hope for the spare 5 but we will see how they do.

The broad bean plants were looking tired and with no more flowers to come they had pretty much finished. I harvested all the beans and pulled the plants to compost. I will sow more broad beans in autumn to overwinter and no doubt will be The Sutton variety again. I’m very impressed with this variety for overwintering, cropping and minimal maintenance – not one bit of string or stick was used or needed to support the plants. If you’re looking for a faff-free broad bean this one is for you.

Plot 5 is beginning to burst into colour, the flower patches are switching over to summer blooms with more to come later in the year. Buddleia (or buddleja) are starting to flower, a deep purple variety with orange eyes called Black Knight. Butterflies visit the flowers often but I fail miserably at getting a photo. I will keep trying.

Another dahlia in flower is Melissa Anna Marijke, a dark bronze foliage variety planted this year. The colour is very eye-catching, this one is in a tub by the shed.

Speaking of sheds I should have confirmation soon of the new shed for Plot 11w, the base is ready and the weeds growing like crazy where the membrane was lifted. I’m thinking of taking up all the membrane on the paths and using the woodchip for mulching fruit beds etc. We don’t get woodchips delivered to our site and it’s very difficult to get direct from tree surgeons for free ( I have tried many times), I had a bit of a shock at the cost of it in garden centres recently, the price is through the roof like most things lately. I can’t justify paying prices like that when it comes to topping up the paths so I may turn all the paths over to grass.


5 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday on the Plot

  1. An enjoyable post and lovely pictures. I don’t eat leeks so they’re not something I grow. I do eat broad beans but gave up growing them as they always got badly infested with blackfly. I have grass paths on my plot. xx


    1. I get blackfly on my broad beans too, I do remove the growing tips which helps but doesn’t always prevent it. I’m finding more and more ladybirds and larvae on my plots and they do a great job of dealing with the problem. xx

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