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How To Plant Leeks

I start sowing leeks from March onwards using large plant pots or a deep container, the seedlings are ready for planting when they’re about the width of a pencil. Leeks are planted differently to other vegetables, known as ‘dibbing in’ this method will help to produce well blanched stems.

  • Push a dibber into the soil to create deep planting holes, around 15cm (6″) deep should do it. If the ground is very dry water the holes to loosen the soil. Try to leave around 23cm (9″) between plants for good-sized leeks, closer spacing will produce smaller leeks but just as tasty.
  • Knock the seedlings out of their container and gently tease the plants apart.
  • Trim the roots, you don’t have do this but it does help with planting.
Leek seedlings with long tangled roots
Leek seedlings after trimming the roots
  • Drop a leek seedling into each planting hole (if the roots are left long this can be tricky to do).
  • Water the planting holes to the top, a little soil will naturally cover the roots which will help to settle the leeks in, but don’t be tempted to back fill the holes with soil – the space will help the stems to swell.

  • Cover the planted leeks with Enviromesh or similar to protect from allium leaf minor and leek moth.


6 thoughts on “How To Plant Leeks

    1. I make mine wait for the potatoes to be harvested, so they usually end up larger for planting. But I have planted out smaller seedlings before and they have grown well. Trouble is, mine usually get attacked by allium leaf miner or leek moth which leave them in a rotten mess, so I’m praying the cover works this year. I do miss having leeks available through winter for soup and other winter dishes.

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