Sunny Sunday on the Plot

After a busy week I managed to squeeze a couple of hours allotment time in on Sunday. Leeks have patiently waited in their pots to go out on the plot, so this is one of the jobs I got on with. I planted the leeks where second early potatoes were, this is a great way… Continue reading Sunny Sunday on the Plot

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Bean Disaster

Yesterday I checked on the bean seeds sown direct at the end of May. A few of the Greek Gigantes climbing beans are at seedling stage and I should be happy to see these cheery little shoots, but all is not well in the bean beds. Half of these seedlings have come up blind (no… Continue reading Bean Disaster


New Residents on Plot 5

While weeding the cut flower patch next to the allotment shed I began hearing loud cheeping sounds, looking up towards the bird box on the shed I saw a tiny yellow beak and pair of eyes at the entrance hole. I put some distance between us and along came a parent blue tit with juicy… Continue reading New Residents on Plot 5