Winter Allotment

I finally spent some time at my allotment today and it felt so good to be out pottering around again. The weather has been pretty wild lately, two named storms one after the other (Arwen and then Barra) although not fierce where I am still packed a punch with strong biting winds and cold lashing rain, not the sort of weather to go pottering around on an allotment. Today was pretty mild in comparison but still chilly when the low winter sun dipped in behind the clouds. Still, I loved being outside in the fresh calm air and felt all the better for it.

I did a bit of hand weeding to tidy some raised beds and lightly pruned one of the blackcurrant bushes, taking out a couple of crossing branches to free up the centre. I also tidied the Brussels sprouts plants by removing yellowing lower leaves, they’re looking pretty good.

I think I may have grown the worlds smallest stalk standing at just under a foot high – the tiny little one at the front of the photo.

I harvested a few things for dinner, nothing beats picking fresh food you have lovingly grown, especially in winter! Fresh from the plot today – January King cabbage, Autumn King carrots still going strong and a couple of celeriac. It’s the little things in life that truly make me happy, moments such as this.

The light was fading fast so I decided to set off home before it got too dark, which can be around 3.30pm now.

Before I left I noticed the gorgeous red sky as the sun was setting, a perfect end to the day.


8 thoughts on “Winter Allotment

  1. Allotments really are the best aren’t they, I always used to feel good after a trip to mine. Well done on the sprouts, they are tricky beasts. In fact cabbages and celeriac are pretty tricky as well – good job all round!

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