Even Rainy Days Are Allotment Days

It’s dark and uninviting outside, and according to the weather forecast the cold nip has been replaced by milder temperatures, although it still feels nippy to me. I don’t mind the cold if I’m wrapped up with plenty of layers on but the rain is back which is just miserable. Allotment mooching is out of the question today, I can’t really do much on the plot at the moment but I do love to potter around and randomly poke at the soil, wiping my muddy finger tips on my clothes then wondering how the mud got there.

Seeing as it’s pouring down I decided that I would still have an allotment day but from the comfort of my home, going through my seed stash to get organised for the growing year ahead. January is a great month to think about and make a list of the things you’d like to grow and the seeds you still need to source. The first Coronavirus lockdown last March made it tricky to get things such as seeds (due to panic buying, staff shortages/illness, rise in vegetable growing and concerns over food shortage), I usually make a list early on in the year and then take my time gathering the things I need, however I feel a bit rushed to get my seed order in earlier than I would normally and I have already made a start buying certain seeds such as parsnip, carrots and sweetcorn which are best sown from fresh seed every year. I do collect seed where I can, particularly from beans, non F1 hybrid tomatoes and flowers, but not from pumpkins and squash which can be promiscuous so you never know what you’ll end up growing! I lack the skill and time to ensure no cross pollination takes places in my pumpkin patch, I tend to grow so many varieties it gives me a headache even thinking about trying. 

So after a good sort through my seed boxes I pretty much have all that I wish to grow this year, I have plenty of usable seed left over from last year which is great and I just need to put in a very small order to a particular seed company that I like but it’s proving a bit difficult due to the volume of orders they’re currently receiving. A repeat of last year. Hopefully I will make it in time to the next open slot on their online shop before the shutter comes down. I’ve already got my seed potatoes from a local garden centre, stock is running low on them already where I live. I will write another blog post with my full list of what I plan to grow this year once I have everything in place. Ooh look at me getting all organised!

Are you experiencing problems sourcing seed or other garden-related things?


14 thoughts on “Even Rainy Days Are Allotment Days

  1. I did more or less the same today, on top of that my heated propagator arrived so I was one happy old lady! It is all set up, peppers are in and some tomatoes too. I can already taste the fruit. Happy gardening

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  2. One of my favourite companies which is in my your photo is swamped and only open a few hours each week to stop overloading. Many others have gaps which used to be a rarity until about April time. But I have loads left all the time and save and always forget what I ordered.


  3. We sorted through our seeds last weekend – not had too much of a problem sourcing things (so far…)
    We have bought seeds in the past from the Real Seed Company, which (hopefully!) means our mahoosive pumpkin Pacific Giant should be true to type from our collected seed…

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    1. I think it will get worse in a month or two for seeds, great that you haven’t had much of a problem. Oh wow Pacific Giant pumpkins can get huge, I haven’t managed to grow a very big one so well done you. There’s a small piece at the very bottom of the pumpkin and squash buying page on Real Seeds website, I think you have to hand pollinate a flower and then tie rubber bands around the pollinated flower to stop insects getting inside and messing things up. I admire the work that goes into producing the seed for us to grow. Fingers crossed for another mahoosive pumpkin for you 🙂


  4. A group of us send in a bulk order to a seed company that gives discounts to allotment groups and I had an email to say our order could be delayed. We’re putting our click and collect order from our local garden centre tomorrow so fingers crossed.


    1. I hope your sends arrive safely and in good time, great idea about the bulk order and discount. Our site is tiny, no allotment shop either. I would like to set up a seed swap circle with the other plot holders when restrictions allow.


  5. I’m surprised there’s a run on seeds, but I guess that’s good news. I haven’t even though about ordering things yet – I’d better get a move on though, thanks for the tip. I’ve got a feeling I need quite a few things this year.


    1. You’re welcome, CJ. I don’t like the rushed feeling, particularly when gardening is meant to be relaxing but after finding it hard to source the most simple of things last spring I didn’t want to get caught out. I hope you manage to get everything you need!


  6. A most enjoyable post, and one I can certainly relate to. I’ve not had a plot potter since Saturday as it’s been too damp and dull.
    I’ve got all my flower and vegetable seeds, and will be getting onion sets and seed potatoes from the horticultural society later in the month, xx

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    1. Thank you Flighty! Glad you’ve got all the seeds you need. I usually get my potatoes later in the month than I have this year but stocks are low where I buy mine from. I might do onions from seed again, I did really well with them last year. I hope we can both have a plot potter soon! xx

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