Leeks On Fleek

Seeing photos of strapping leeks on other allotment blogs and Instagram left me with a serious case of leek envy. For years I've found growing leeks for the table impossible, unless eating mushy pulp with maggots is a thing? I like to think I'm tolerant of the hidden surprises within organic vegetables but that's taking… Continue reading Leeks On Fleek

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How To Plant Leeks

I start sowing leeks from March onwards using large plant pots or a deep container, the seedlings are ready for planting when they're about the width of a pencil. Leeks are planted differently to other vegetables, known as 'dibbing in' this method will help to produce well blanched stems. Push a dibber into the soil… Continue reading How To Plant Leeks

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A Very Messy Leek Lesson

A third lockdown for England was announced by the Prime Minister on Monday which comes as no surprise given the infection/death rate statistics and concern over the new virus strain. Allotments are classed as a form of exercise which means plot holders are permitted to use them, the very nature of allotments means close proximity… Continue reading A Very Messy Leek Lesson


What’s Eating My Leeks?

Something is eating my leeks, sadly it's not me. I noticed my leeks started to look poorly recently (they have a touch of leek rust but that's pretty standard for my allotment site), they're shrivelling before my eyes with damaged stems and dying leaves. I had a good look at them and poking around revealed… Continue reading What’s Eating My Leeks?