Easy Way to Plant Potatoes

I am very lazy when it comes to planting potatoes and not a fan of the traditional method of digging trenches, it just doesn’t appeal to me. For many years I have planted potatoes without any real digging, using just a long-handled dibber or hand trowel to make small planting holes. I grow vegetables in raised beds and my soil is light and movable without much effort, which makes planting potatoes even easier!

This is how I plant seed potatoes:

  • The first thing I do is arrange my seed potatoes on the soil prior to planting to mark their planting position, I tend to squeeze salad varieties such as Charlotte quite close together but increase planting distance for maincrop varieties.

  • At this point the potatoes could simply be covered over with a thick mulch such as compost, hay/straw or grass clippings, but another way is to make small planting holes approximately 12cm (5in) deep using a dibber or hand trowel and place each potato in the holes with eyes (shoots) facing up. Fill in the holes and continue until all the potatoes are planted and covered over.

  • As the potatoes grow keep adding compost to protect foliage from frost damage and prevent the developing tubers from turning green and poisonous from exposure to light. Grass clippings, used duck bedding or hay/straw could be used instead of compost.

If you don’t have an allotment or garden then consider planting potatoes in containers or special grow bags, they will provide a crop if kept well watered during hot weather.

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  1. Last year we bought some compost from the nursery and there were a few surprise potatoes in it (understandable I suppose since we live in Idaho lol). They sprouted and grew beautifully and we ended up planting a few more in that bed exactly the way you did to fill it in and they also grew really well. I’ll do it this way again this year and save all that extra labor! 🙂

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    1. Oh I don’t blame you! It’s just so much easier this way and produces a good crop – easier to harvest too!


  2. Neo Trinity says:

    As most of my new plot is heavy clay, I will most likely make raised beds or grow in containers. Your method looks much easier

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    1. It really is very easy and saves all that back breaking trench digging. I am a big fan of raised beds, especially on heavy clay soils.

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  3. Flighty says:

    I’ve always used a hand trowel, which as you say is much easier. xx

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    1. It really is, I used to dread planting the potatoes! xx


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