Summer Harvests and Planting

It has been a tricky growing year, extremely high temperatures and no significant rain for many months means watering has been a real chore. But it's starting to pay off now with lots of harvests. I've grown some decent carrots, these are Autumn King which are incredibly tasty too. I also have a purple variety… Continue reading Summer Harvests and Planting

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Easy Way to Plant Potatoes

I am very lazy when it comes to planting potatoes and not a fan of the traditional method of digging trenches, it just doesn't appeal to me. For many years I have planted potatoes without any real digging, using just a long-handled dibber or hand trowel to make small planting holes. I grow vegetables in… Continue reading Easy Way to Plant Potatoes


Compost, Planting and Sunday Dinner!

The raised beds on Plot 11w are taking some time to completely fill up, I'm getting there slowly, just concentrating on one bed at a time. Homemade compost has been set aside to mulch the larger beds on Plot 5 as I clear them, so I'm having to buy in compost to top the raised… Continue reading Compost, Planting and Sunday Dinner!


November on the Allotment

Leaf kicking season is here and calmer weather has finally arrived, I haven't managed to get much done on the allotment for a number of weeks due to constant heavy rain and wild winds but the past few days have been very chilly but beautiful. The first frost of autumn twinkled in the morning sun… Continue reading November on the Allotment


Make a No Dig Raised Bed

I recently posted about no dig raised beds on my new allotment and decided to post about how to go about making them. I used wooden scaffold boards because they're a decent depth but any scrap timber will do. Measure the area where the bed will go and cut your timber to size, screw each… Continue reading Make a No Dig Raised Bed


Raised Beds Are Go!

Last weekend plot 11w had some visitors. Armed with power tools and plenty of enthusiasm my lovely dad and OH came down to the allotment to give me a hand making raised beds. The weather was warm and sunny but with a fresh breeze, I call it perfect allotment weather. In return for their time… Continue reading Raised Beds Are Go!