Chilly with a Little Sunshine

Perfect autumnal weather in my book, exactly what today ended up being after a frosty start. The first thing I did after arriving at the plot was inspect the dahlias, they’re still clinging on but looking noticeably darker from the frost.

Below is how this flower bed looked in September:

My cut flower bed was the talk of the allotment site this summer, I also scooped 3rd prize for my cut flowers in our village show in September! Woop!

I finished lifting the last of the Charlotte potatoes and pulled up some whoppers which will be great for making chips.

The brassica cages all got a weeding and removal of yellowing lower leaves. I have some great looking winter savoy cabbages hearting up, the cold just starting to add a purple/pink tinge to the leaves of this variety which is January King.

The Brussels Sprouts are also looking great:

Photo taken through the net mesh to avoid being swarmed by white fly!

To top off a good day on the plot I harvested my first cauliflower of the year.

This variety is All The Year Round and I planted them out beginning of August from memory, it was a lovely surprise to see one ready.


4 thoughts on “Chilly with a Little Sunshine

  1. I love the look of your your allotment, beautifully organised. The cauliflower looks just perfect – I tried Romanesco ones but failed! Never mind, there’s next year. My carrots were a disaster, only got some in the third attempt. Nearly everybody I mentioned it to were affected like me. Happy growing!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I find cauliflowers very hit and miss to grow and usually go for a spring maturing variety. Hopefully the rest of the plants produce, it was an experiment to try a variety not necessary known for overwintering, I usually grow a variety called Aalsmeer which are very winter hardy. Let’s see what happens. Carrots were not a problem for me this year, but I know other plot holders struggled to get them to germinate. I find using a tunnel cloche to get carrots going really helps otherwise I struggle too. Hopefully you’ll have better results with them from the start next year x

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