Shoots and Storms

As I sit writing this blog from my warm bed storm Dennis lashes the front of my house, the sound of the wind and rain is rather scary and I’m thankful I’m not outside. This is the second named storm this month to batter the UK, just last weekend storm Ciara arrived bringing gales and heavy rain causing chaos across the country, the already saturated ground and rising river levels will surely cause flooding, as it did for many last week.

Allotment sheds were blown over on our site last weekend and other sites across the UK too with damage to polytunnels and greenhouses, some beyond repair. My shed survived storm Ciara and I will know if it laughed in the face of storm Dennis too after I make a brief visit to the plot tomorrow to check things over.

Victim of storm Ciara, one of the sheds blown over on our allotment site.

My allotment(s) are flooded, my new plot at the end of my current plot badly needs organic matter incorporated into it, the soil is pure clay and doesn’t drain well at all, as you can imagine it’s just not coping with the rain and everything is running directly onto my other plot. Both plots will recover and I refuse to stress over things out of my control. I have all of this year to improve my new plot and lots to look forward to when the bad weather finally breaks.


There were signs of new growth at the allotment last time I checked which really made me happy, little green garlic shoots looking very healthy indeed. Hopefully not under water now but if they are I shall remain positive that all will be well once it all drains off.

Stay safe during the storm everyone x


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