Plot 11w Update

Since taking on the abandoned half plot next to my allotment the weather has been against me, it’s to be expected for January and February but the weather has been particularly wet and wild, devastating homes and businesses in some parts of the country. Without meaning to sound like a grumble guts I’ve also been very unwell for the best part of a month, a nasty viral infection which was a bit worrying with all the news of coronavirus but I’m sure it wasn’t that. I’m finally starting to get over it but still feeling run down, I miss going to the allotment but it’s just too wet to do anything and snow may even arrive for my region tomorrow. It feels like forever since I spent any real time on the plots.

plot11w before tidy up begins
Plot 11w before tidy up

However I did manage to make a start on clearing the ground on my new allotment before falling ill, the sedge/grasses are all out and many tough roots such as dock and bramble.

Marking out the plot
clearing plot11w
Plot 11w February 2020

A few hours work and the ground is visible and easier to work with but the volume of rain has left the ground sodden, large pools of standing water means there’s no chance of anymore ground work being done until it dries out but I do want to make a start on my compost area and plan to collect some free pallets over the weekend.


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