A Lovely Day for Planting Garlic

Last Sunday I managed to get the garlic planted, even though it was cold the sun was shining which was a pleasant break from the rain! This month has been very wet making working on the plot difficult, however it’s really nothing to grumble about when homes and land are being affected by floods when I switch on the evening news. It’s just grim.

planting garlic

I’m growing my favourite variety again this year, ‘Red Duke’, using saved bulbs from this years crop. I’ve grown this hardy variety for many years now, the plants grow strong with lovely thick leaves and the bulbs store well into the following year. After harvesting in summer I select the biggest bulbs and put them aside for growing on in autumn, this works well for me and prevents the need for buying seed garlic every year which is so expensive.

I had a little friend join me as I planted, the chance of a worm simply irresistible.

The gardener’s friend

Do you have a favourite variety of garlic to grow?


4 thoughts on “A Lovely Day for Planting Garlic

  1. I planted imine about 2 weeks ago, all last years crop that I had hung up to dry in the shed and forgotten about, It is coming through already. Love the robin

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    1. Everyone who grows garlic on the allotments get rust, my crop did this year but luckily the bulbs were a good size at harvest time. I just try to remove affected leaves as soon as I spot them, it just helps to slow down the spread I think.


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