C is for Carrot

My first year growing carrots on Plot 5 has been a success. The roots are generally a good size although some are on the small side because I forgot to thin some of the rows out. Still, they’re lovely clean carrots and most importantly taste good.

The variety is ‘Autumn King’ which is a favourite of mine to grow. The seed was sown late March straight into the ground in shallow drills and then covered with tunnel cloches to aid germination. Once the seedlings were up and growing well I used a barrier mesh to prevent carrot fly damage.

carrot fly screen, carrot fly cage

Most of the carrots I’m pulling are straight roots but I have grown some rather weird but wonderful carrots too, one of which came first in the oddest vegetable category in my village show.

But this carrot is by far the most unusual carrot I’ve ever grown. C really is for Carrot!

wonky carrot


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