Sunny September

Blue skies and warm sunshine continue to bless the allotment this month, ripening pumpkins and slowly crisping leaves. As summer begins to shift towards autumn the colour palette of my allotment changes daily, I’m enjoying the fine weather and peace while it’s here.



The pumpkin patch is heaving, I’ve grown the biggest pumpkin yet and I’m entering it into the village show this Sunday coming. My pumpkin is going into the squash class (there’s no class for biggest or heaviest pumpkin sadly) so it won’t be judged for size or weight alone but I think it will be nice to take it along. It certainly wins a proud pumpkin grower prize from me.




pumpkin patch


I’ve grown some impressive butternut squash too!

butternut squash

I started harvesting sweetcorn last month, over 20 large cobs evenly pollinated and filled right to the tips (just a few oddballs lower down the plants which I gave to my chickens). I’m very pleased with the harvest but it’s a shame they were ready too early for show day, my timing was off.


sweet corn

Savoy cabbage seedlings were planted out on Plot 5 around a week ago, I love the crinkly leaves and they’re my absolute favourite cabbages to eat. They’re a bit late to go in so they may not be ready for Christmas dinner but fingers crossed I’ll be lucky. Speaking of luck, as mentioned it’s the village show this Sunday and I’m entering again. Somehow I managed to talk my dad into giving it a go, looks like we will both be raiding our allotments on Saturday!

I’ll post all about the show soon.



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