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Village Show 2019

On Sunday I took part in the yearly village show, entering vegetables grown on my allotment and fruit from my garden, plus a homemade jam and almost a cake but that turned into a bit of a disaster!


Here are the classes I entered and the results

  • Class 3 – 5 Runner Beans – First
  • Class 5 – 3 Carrots – Second
  • Class 6 – 5 Potatoes – Second
  • Class 8 – 1 Squash – Third
  • Class 11 – Collection of Six Vegetables – First
  • Class 13 – Longest Runner Bean – First
  • Class 14 – Oddest Vegetable – First
  • Class 20 – 3 Eating Apples – Second
  • Class 21 – 3 Pears – Second
  • Class 22 – 10 Raspberries – First
  • Class 27 – 1 Jar of Jam – Not placed

I won best in category for fruit and for vegetables based on points, winning a cup for each category.


I’m really chuffed with how well my entries did, and all my obsessing over the longest runner bean class paid off – I won!



My dad also entered and gained first place in the carrot, courgette and cooking apple classes, along with some seconds and a third place too. It was his first time showing and now he has the bug so I’d better watch out next year! We both enjoyed the day which was the main thing, perhaps my dad enjoyed it a little too much…..

My carrot with arms came first in the Oddest Vegetable class, but please avert your eyes from my dads entry – a rather rude carrot which scooped second place!


As mentioned in my previous post I entered my massive pumpkin into the squash class, it gained third place because the class wasn’t for size or weight…or for pumpkins! I have put forward the idea of having a class for pumpkins to the show committee, you never know, a class for my absolute favourite crop to grow might just be included in next years show.

Lots of talent in my village!




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