Busy Bee

April whizzed by so fast but I got lots done on plot 5 thanks to the prolonged warm spell. I finished painting the shed, put the shelf up and moved my tools in.

pretty allotment shed

The hazel bean poles are in ready and waiting, it’s funny how these simple structures suddenly bring the allotment plot to life. This year I plan to grow ‘Benchmaster’ runner beans on the A-frame, I haven’t grown this variety before and chose it to stand a slightly better chance of entering something for the longest runner bean class in the village show. I can but try and it’s fun to have a go as I found out last year.

Hazel bean poles

I planted blackcurrant bushes which are all Ben varieties and 3 Hinnonmaki gooseberry bushes, 2 reds and 1 yellow. There’s an established currant bush already on the plot that I inherited and I’m guessing is a blackcurrant, I was hoping it was a red variety but I love blackcurrants so it’s all good if I’m right. I can always squeeze in a red somewhere if need be. The strawberry bed is now planted with ‘Cambridge Favourite’ strawberries, I’m looking forward to the heavy scent of warm ripe strawberries on a summer’s evening.

planting strawberries

gooseberry bush

strawberry bed

Carrot seedlings continue to do well under the tunnel cloches (slugs haven’t found them, yet) and parsnips are popping up too. I’ll thin them out once they’re big enough to handle the odd slug nibble.

carrot seedlings

parsnip seedlings

I’m not the only busy bee on plot 5, I put a solitary bee box on the shed just before Easter and I’m super happy to see it being used already by mason bees which are fab little pollinators for the plot.

bug box

mason bee box

It hasn’t rained properly here for many weeks and the ground is very dry, a really good down pour should help to loosen it. Potato leaves are popping through and need to be earthed up, I have a spare bag of soil conditioner and will use that if we don’t get any rain soon. The beetroot and peas I raised in modules are ready to plant out so that’s a job for another time.

Raspberry canes are still popping up randomly over the plot, also bindweed (gah!) but they will for some time to come and probably forever with regards to bindweed but I’ll just continue to weed them out as soon as I spot them.

I’m so pleased with how far my little allotment has come since taking it on in December.


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