Planting Peas

About a week ago I planted peas out on the plot, although later than I would have liked it felt great to be at the stage where I’m finally planting crops on the allotment. I start peas off in modules and plant out when they get their first tendrils, I sow 2 seeds per cell and plant quite close together. Sowing peas in lengths of guttering is another great way of growing peas plus avoiding rodents digging up the seed if sown direct.

pea plants

I use a simple frame of chicken wire and metal stakes which is roughly 4 ft in height to plant a long double sided row, then I pushed old raspberry canes into the soil at jaunty angles to protect the young plants from pigeons. I like to pack pea plants quite close together when planting, the canes will also provide extra support as the plants fill out.

planting peas

IMG_8246 (2)

Raspberry canes are perfect for the job of rustic pea sticks, plus they’re free and I love using natural materials where possible. If you grow your own raspberries simply keep any canes you cut down when pruning and allow to dry out completely before using. Some canes are naturally spiky, a great deterrent for slugs and snails.

planting peas

planting peas

I have 2 varieties growing side by side on my allotment, one of my favourites called Jaguar and Kelvedon Wonder, both of which don’t grow particularly tall but produce a good crop. A great tip is to check how tall your peas are likely to grow, some of my favourite tall peas such as Champion of England grow well over 7 ft (and beyond) in height and require a much taller and sturdier structure for support. I’ve made this mistake before.

I’m looking forward to picking the first pods and snacking on sugary-sweet peas on the plot. Hopefully some will make it home!


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