Happy Days on the Allotment

Even though it’s turned a bit chilly I’ve spent many happy days on the allotment getting the shed ready for spring. I made a pair of curtains using some patchwork fabric I stashed away ages ago, not bad for a first attempt if I do say so myself!

shed curtains

shed curtains

I have just finished painting the inside of the shed a lovely shade of cream to brighten it up, it also helps to prevent those big ol’ spiders setting up home yikes! I’m looking forward to moving all my stuff back inside soon, putting the shelf up and the bunting.

painting the shed

cuprinol garden shades country cream

I’m super proud of how my plot is shaping up already, the bare bones of the layout are there and by autumn I should have grass paths down. The fruit section will take some time to achieve and I’m halfway through digging over what will be the squash patches. Carrot seedlings are beginning to pop through the soil under the tunnel cloches and I have beetroot seedlings growing well in modules inside my greenhouse, I’ll plant them out when they have some true leaves. I’ve started sowing sprouts and kale for the brassica bed and leeks which I hope will follow my potatoes after harvesting to make use of the ground over winter. Let’s not forget some flowers for the bees, I plan to grow my favourites such as cosmos, Rudbeckia, zinnia, sweet pea and of course no allotment is complete without a sunflower or two. I took advantage of packets of seed selling for 10p in Wilko and stashed them away in my seed box, I went a bit mad and have all sorts of flowers so a few new ones may make the plot this year. Happy days!


3 thoughts on “Happy Days on the Allotment

  1. My sheds at home are country cream its such a lovely colour. Wilko is brilliant for cheap seeds. I will take a look at your other posts as time allows

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