New Shed

It’s been a while since my last blog post I know, since then lots of changes have occurred on plot 5 including a new shed! Yes, the old shed has been removed and is due to be recycled on the allotment site by another plot holder, who knows what it will become.

I have finished digging one half of the plot, creating 6 beds for rotation and a strawberry bed and herb bed. The lovely clump of early rhubarb already on the plot is looking great.


Everything has been made easier by following my plot plan using a handy website called VegPlotter which I have mentioned on the blog previously. I’ve made a couple of mistakes with the crop planting tool and I cannot work out how to delete them just yet but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon (you may notice some random red blobs on a pathway, well they’re beetroot and they’re not meant to be growing on a path!). Below is the plan, just the other half of the plot to organise now!


I don’t know if it will be possible to have everything I have planned in place this year, but hopefully my pumpkin patch will be ready for planting because I love growing pumpkins.


The garlic I planted at the end of last year is growing happily, I have sown some carrots and parsnips and my Charlotte salad potatoes have gone in. Exciting!


Next on my to do list is plant the strawberries, continue feeding the soil in the new beds and carry on with digging over the pumpkin patch. I plan to paint my new shed at some point and get the bunting up.

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