Goodbye January

January is finally over, I was starting to think it would never end. It’s been a week or so since my last visit to work on my allotment and I’m really missing spending time there. Proper winter weather has finally arrived, plunging temperatures struggle to get above freezing most days leaving my fingers and toes numb if I spend time outside. I woke to a light covering of snow which has melted away now but some areas of the UK are well and truly covered, with more to come by the looks of things. I can’t do much on the plot at the moment, it’s so cold I’m not even going to try. Following on from my previous post I thought I’d share some photos of my progress so far.



I cleared all that I could before it became difficult, the heavy clay soil is either too sticky to work or frozen solid now. I have since covered the area to the left with a large tarp to kill off the grassy areas and make it easier to tackle when the weather improves.

The bags in front of the shed are full of roots of all shapes and sizes. I feel like I have battled a spaghetti junction, some of the roots went underneath the shed! But hey, I’m winning! The soil is moveable where I’ve worked it, no doubt I’ve missed loads of roots but I’ll get them next time ha! The soil needs improving and feeding which I’ll do nearer to March if the weather allows.

I’ve finally sorted through my seed stash and continued to work on my plot plan using VegPlotter online. I set some second early potatoes to chit in a tray and I will start sowing sweet pea and chillies in the next week or so. Exciting!


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