End of Year Allotment Visit

Today I grabbed the chance to get out in the fresh air and blow some cobwebs away at the allotment, I enjoy visiting for a potter around and the peace and quiet was a tonic after busy Christmas shenanigans. I had a couple of things to do on the plot but first up the kettle went on and I had a quick peek at the beds.

I noticed garlic beginning to pop up. Yay!

Broad beans sown direct last month appear to be doing well under the tunnel cloche, a few seeds failed to germinate which I expected but after a quick chat with a couple of other plot holders I was shocked to learn they lost broad bean seedlings to the big freeze. These particular seedlings were much further along than mine and left unprotected, which is usually fine in winter with autumn varieties.

Broad beans are tough as old boots in cold weather but still tend to do a dying swan act after a hard frost, springing back to life soon after as if nothing happened. However for my fellow plot holders broadies, there’s no play acting going on this time. It just goes to show how cold it got and I have a feeling the constant wet weather played a part. I’m sure more seeds will be sown in spring and they will catch up.

Speaking of dead things, my sprouting broccoli plants are not looking great. I wasn’t worried at first, the top leaves appeared to bounce back after the plants thawed but they’re looking sad and limp now. Hmmm.

Just to compare how they should be looking this time of year:

Last month I bagged up lots of leaves in my garden to bring to the plot to compost, today all the bags were emptied into one of the empty compost bins which was a satisfying job. Some of the leaves were beginning to break down and the earthy smell was lovely. I also placed cardboard on the surface of empty raised beds to stop foxes and cats using them as a toilet over winter.

There’s weeding and mulching jobs still to do which I didn’t finish before the snow came, I wonder if the dahlias left in the ground by the shed have perished after the brutal temperatures and constant rain? Time will tell.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas….look what Santa left for me under the tree…

I’m in absolute seed heaven and cannot wait to rip the little packets open in 2023.

Happy New Year x


5 thoughts on “End of Year Allotment Visit

  1. Love that leaf mulch! We make some each year at home from the millions of leaves that land in our garden (we’re next to a small wood) and put them on the hellebores who LOVE it. Lovely gifts from Santa too. Happy new year to you! xxx


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