The Heat Is On

We’re in the midst of a mini heatwave with tomorrow set to be even hotter before fresher weather moves in. The heat is certainly helping seeds to germinate, the replacement beans started off in pots are popping through and I will sow another two rows of main crop carrots this week. I noticed a large empty gap in the middle of the first rows which are now at true leaf stage (I’m sure I put seeds in!). I’m going for an eye test next week, probably just as well.

The watering cans are getting plenty of action at the moment, the brassicas in particular appreciate a good soaking when the weather turns warm. In this bed I have two different varieties of kale that I haven’t grown before. Red Ruffled has red veined leaves to use as normal but in spring it will also produce flower sprouts, rather like sprouting broccoli . Dazzling Blue is said to taste similar to a Tuscan kale, it has blue-green leaves and a striking pink central vein.

At the moment I’m struggling to remember which are which. I planted them out in a mixed pattern of six, well I thought I did, but it looks like I’ve grouped them together instead (definitely need that eye test). Or, perhaps I’m nurturing some very fancy weeds?

I decided to check the garlic after watching on YouTube many plot holders having problems with white rot this year. I noticed one garlic plant looking browner on the stem than the others so I pulled this one up which was easier than it should have been. Straight away, I knew. Bingo! White rot.

White rot is a fungus that can quickly kill garlic and onions, with this in mind I pulled the whole lot up and found one other bulb with rot. The whole allotment site has problems from time to time with onions and garlic, white rot seems to be very common along with allium leaf minor. Who knew growing the humble onion could be so difficult.

The rest of the garlic are fine and a decent size.

Due to the heat I won’t be doing much on the allotment for the rest of the week other than watering late evening. Oh, and sowing those carrots!


4 thoughts on “The Heat Is On

  1. Just a heat blip rather than a wave here. We stayed away from the plot too and cleaned up our garlic. We had a patch of carrots go missing but on close examination there were small stripped shoots – slugs or snails!


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