Looking After Rosie

I lost my best friend 7 weeks ago. My beautiful German Shepherd Boudica sadly passed away after sudden illness, she was 12.5 years old. Even though she lived a long and happy life I was and still am absolutely devastated.

I have blogged about her love of visiting the allotment with me and she features in my allotment YouTube videos which I have lost all desire to carry on with, I have tried, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s just too raw right now.

At the moment I am looking after Rosie, a young and very cheeky Jack Russell Terrier who belongs to my aunt and uncle. I offered to look after her while they are away on holiday rather than her going to the pet sitter. She is bringing lots of fun back to my life and the house is ‘alive’ again, anyone who has lost a dog will understand what I mean by that.

Yesterday I took Rosie to the allotment, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this but it was actually lovely to see a dog on the plot again and didn’t upset me as I feared it might. She loved every moment and so did I, even though she ran through a raised bed of garlic. Oops. I smoothed the soil back over to fill in the paw prints, no harm done.

Rose the garlic squasher… cute though.

This was my first proper visit to the allotment since my quick check after Storm Eunice and I’m pleased to report there wasn’t any damage after Storm Franklin either, just a brassica hoop blown over which is very lucky indeed. It was lovely to spend some proper time on the plot without being blown about and the sun was shining which always helps.

I noticed buds beginning to swell on the blackcurrant bushes and the broad beans still standing upright, protected from the storms under a cloche.

The rhubarb patch in front of the shed is looking great, almost time for a crumble.

What do we have here? Purple sprouting broccoli is coming!

Rosie inspecting the January King cabbages which are still looking great. This variety is my favourite winter cabbage to date.

I had a quick look at Plot 11w before heading home, the area I cleared and levelled for the shed base is very soggy after the storms, too wet to do anything with at the moment. The slabs I got for free are lined up ready, I just need a dry weekend and some spare time and this will be the next job to tick off the list.

I think Rosie really enjoyed being at the allotment and was very well behaved considering it was her first time.

I might take her there again.


14 thoughts on “Looking After Rosie

  1. My heart goes out to you, I know how you feel. When I was a young girl back home in Czechoslovakia I too had a german shepherd. Mine was a short haired black beauty and I had her from a tiny puppy. Our political situation was such that I had to leave home – 1968 and all that – and my beloved Blanka went to the border army. It broke my heart, she knew she was going away and just looked at me sadly. Just think of all the great times you had with her…..

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    1. Thank you so much. That’s incredibly sad about your beautiful Blanka, I’m so sorry you had to say goodbye to her. They are incredible dogs, Boudica is my second German Shepherd and I now have wonderful memories of them both.

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  2. I’m so very sorry about Boudica, she was such a beautiful girl. As a dog person I can imagine how much it hurts. Rosie looks adorable, I’m glad she behaved herself down on the allotment. There has been a bit of running through the garlic here as well. Sending hugs, CJ xx

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  3. After I lost my black lab Corrie, my best friend for 14 years, I felt I could never go through having a dog again. Then a 2nd black lab, Wicca came to me and we shared an incredible 19 years before she died. I haven’t had the heart to get another dog, especially now that I am so much older, but I hope you will when you are ready. Rosie is adorable, and maybe she will be the spark that brings back that urge for another best friend.

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  4. My sympathies, I’m sure that you’ll long remember her with fondness and a smile. Lovely pictures of Rosie and the plot, which is all looking good. I’m impressed with the rhubarb, mine has only just started appearing above ground. xx


    1. Thank you Flighty, the smiles are coming more than the tears now, and having little Rosie is really helping me. The rhubarb in front of the shed is an early variety and really growing strong, my other crown is just starting to show, I think it’s Victoria xx

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