Chicken Health

Poultry Worms

From time to time your chickens will get worms, and I don't mean the juicy kind they find in the garden. I'm referring to intestinal worms. Eek! Poultry worms are a common occurrence, especially if your flock free range frequently. I realise this is a gross subject, but if you keep chickens then you really should swot up on… Continue reading Poultry Worms

Allotment · Village Life

Wellies and Walkies

The month us gardeners yearn for is finally here and it has been a rather soggy start. My wellies are needed once again, but this time for walks with Rosie in the rain. Rosie and I pass through the allotments on our walks, we have a little look and sniff around (Rosie does the sniffing)… Continue reading Wellies and Walkies


Looking After Rosie

I lost my best friend 7 weeks ago. My beautiful German Shepherd Boudica sadly passed away after sudden illness, she was 12.5 years old. Even though she lived a long and happy life I was and still am absolutely devastated. I have blogged about her love of visiting the allotment with me and she features… Continue reading Looking After Rosie

Chicken Behaviour

How to Introduce New Chickens to a Flock

There’s no going back once you’ve caught the chicken keeping bug. Apart from the obvious reason why people decide to keep them, chickens are great company, fun to watch and seriously addictive. With so many breeds and pretty colours to choose from (don’t forget the many rescue hens needing homes too), it’s so tempting to bring home a couple more. However, adding… Continue reading How to Introduce New Chickens to a Flock


A New Year Begins

It was cold and frosty this morning, a fresh new year, very fresh indeed. My early morning routine is pretty much the same each day, I let the chickens out of the coops and fill up their feeders, on a cold morning I defrost the drinkers too. I don't keep my chickens on my allotment,… Continue reading A New Year Begins