Wonky Carrots

Whenever I pull wonky carrots from the ground I can’t help but smile at the weird and wacky shapes, sometimes a childish giggle escapes from me if I find one to be somewhat risque.

Carrots from the same harvest. The wonky carrots to the left may look funny but taste just as lovely!

I entered a wonky carrot into the oddest vegetable class at my village show last year and it won the class, second place was awarded to my dad for his rude carrot. There were vegetables of all shapes and sizes and all received plenty of smirks from those who came to view the show entries, but my dads rather rude carrot raised the most eyebrows. For that reason I think he should have won.

Let’s not forget this C-shaped carrot I grew last year, possibly the wonkiest yet!

You may have noticed from the above photos a yellow carrot that looks almost like a parsnip, I usually grow ‘Autumn King’ which is a favourite of mine to grow and most definitely orange. Occasionally I pull a yellow carrot within the mix and I’m intrigued to know why this happens, perhaps a rogue yellow carrot seed in the mix or cross pollination? Please leave a comment if you have any ideas.

Next year I plan to grow other carrot varieties, do you have a favourite carrot to grow?


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