Planting Begins on Plot 11w

I have some news to share….I’ve finally planted something on Plot 11w! All the raised beds are in and the paths mulched with bark, it’s such a great feeling to move on to the next stage, planting! It’s a ridiculously exciting time and makes all the hard work to get to this point all the more satisfying.

I planted 2 redcurrant bushes and cannot wait to see them spilling over the paths, dripping with berries. I’m waiting on 3 blackcurrant bushes on my other allotment to go dormant and then I will move them over, probably November time. I will also move a rhubarb crown from my garden at home to plant in a bed towards the back of the plot and 4 gooseberry bushes will share a bed.

My plan is to interplant the fruit beds with plenty of bee friendly flowers, I’m going to have so much fun choosing and sowing seeds. I might look into growing a dahlia or two, a welcome splash of colour for this time of year.

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  1. Neil says:

    Lavender is always nice in my opinion. Bees love it

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    1. I agree on lavender, it’s a bee magnet and smells lush of course.

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  2. Dominique says:

    Aster are nice flowers as well for bees and give flowers when there are not many in Automn.
    What do you suggest to do with berries apart from summer pudding and jam ?

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    1. Aster are beautiful, my neighbour grows them in the garden and they have made their way under the fence which is a bonus for me! I go weak at the knees for pavlova! So many sweet treats to make with berries and lovely recipes online to try.

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