Eco Wood Treatment Review

After taking delivery of untreated scaffold planks to make raised beds I was struck with how bright the wood was, it was a sunny day and the glare really hurt my eyes. I purposely chose untreated wood to lessen the risk of anything nasty leeching into the soil so I had to find something non toxic to safely preserve my wood a bit longer, and for the sake of everyone’s eyesight at the allotment, hopefully dull the brightness down a bit. Raw linseed oil seems to be very popular but it can take months to fully dry, unfortunately that wasn’t going to work with the time frame I had in mind. I stumbled across a product called Eco Wood Treatment, a non-toxic wood stain preserver which is perfectly safe for using on raised beds for growing edibles. It gives a rustic, aged weathered look and only needs applying once.

Eco Wood Treatment works by penetrating wood fibres to create a natural buffer against water and fungal decay. Just one application is all that’s ever needed, it doesn’t fade or peel. Eco Wood Treatment increases durability of wood while creating an aged, silvery patina after just a few hours.

I used the 4.5 litres pack which had a 40 grams sachet of powder inside which will treat 14sqm, approximately 10 grams per litre dilution rate. It’s really simple to use, just add the contents of the sachet inside the box (powder composed of natural substances derived from minerals) to 4.5 litres of water and stir until completely mixed, it ended up looking similar to the colour of strong tea. At this point I was beginning to think the colour of my raised beds wouldn’t be as I’d hoped, the product promises an attractive weathered finish and I’d set my heart on this being the case but the David Dickinson orangey liquid in the bucket made me nervous. I began painting my raised beds which was quite a messy job, I think dipping sections of wood into the product would have been easier but my raised beds were already assembled so this wasn’t possible. I do like to make things more difficult for myself.

Not long after generously splashing on the product I began to see the wood take on a lovely silvery patina, clearly seen in the photos below.

Treated raised bed far left, the others are untreated to show colour comparison. Photo taken 20 minutes after treatment.

I’m really pleased with the resulting colour which will continue to darken over the coming months, it’s such a lovely weathered look and the raised beds blend into the surroundings much better. My raised beds are protected, organic and totally safe for growing food.



This review is based entirely on my own experience of using Eco Wood Treatment. At the time of writing this review I cannot vouch for the longevity of my raised beds but this is something I can comment on in time.

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