Plot 11w

Last summer I spoke to the site secretary about taking on the abandoned half plot that backs onto mine provided nobody on the list wanted it, the deadline for rents arrived and I was told the previous tenant hadn’t renewed but a potential new tenant viewed it and was interested so I put it to the back of my mind, grateful the weeds would eventually be under some sort of control after watching it slowly become a meadow. On Tuesday (28th January) I received a message from the committee offering Plot 11w to me if I wanted it, so of course I said yes!

new allotment

Poor Plot 11w, it hasn’t been loved in the 10 years the site has been there, I was there from the beginning so I know the history of this plot. There are 7 solid clumps of grass or sedge that will need removing, the soil is very heavy clay with zero drainage so in constant wet weather the plot is a mass of standing water which runs off onto my current plot.


The work doesn’t worry me, the plan is to improve the soil with lots of organic matter and eventually move my fruit bushes over, planting more varieties over time, perhaps the rhubarb and raspberries too. I also plan to create a composting area including a leaf bin.



5 thoughts on “Plot 11w

  1. Congratulations I shall look forward to seeing how it changes over time, I’ve enjoyed watching and reading about your current one


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