A New Year on the Allotment

Happy New Year fellow allotmenteers and gardeners! It’s rather exciting, entering a new year on the allotment. This time last year I visited my newly acquired and overgrown plot frequently, wrapped up against the cold I managed to get quite a bit done even though it was hard going at times. I won’t lie, it’s a relief to know I don’t have the volume of work to face this year, instead there are cabbages, Brussels sprouts and parsnips to harvest, raspberry canes to plant and a light amount of hand weeding which could probably be done with the rake. Absolute bliss.

With time on my hands I’m looking forward to seeing spring bulbs appear, the sound of bird song already fills the allotment site but I know winter hasn’t finished yet. The shed is an inviting place and tea always tastes better on the plot, I have yet to plan my growing year ahead so that’s something I can be getting on with, it’s always a bit of a last minute thing for me because I try to squeeze as many different varieties of pumpkins and squash in as I can.

I’ll finish this first blog post of the new year with a photo of the gardening related Christmas presents I received. The super soft scarf will keep me warm while I sip tea on the plot this winter, handmade by Ginger Original based in the village down from me.

christmas gifts for gardeners

The hip trug from Burgon & Ball will get plenty of use throughout the year as well as the personalised hand fork and trowel.

gifts for gardners

The new shed residents are a handmade crochet carrot via Etsy and a snail watering can by Apples to Pears, they are so cute I just love them.


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