Starting An Allotment

Plan Your Plot

When you first set eyes on your new allotment it will probably be overgrown with grass and large weeds such as brambles, making it hard to visualise how it will look. Making a plan of your plot makes everything feel less daunting, having a guide to work from means you know exactly how to proceed bringing everything into focus.

allotment plot plan
Credit Ms Bandit Wood Art

You could plan your plot on a simple spreadsheet or draw your plan on paper, try getting really creative with coloured pencils drawing in the veg you plan to grow and making it suddenly look like a real allotment. However, if you’re really rubbish at drawing or mapping on paper like me, you might be interested in using a simple drag and drop interface called VegPlotter. It really helped me to plan out my plot when I too faced a complete blank canvas of grass and weeds. The extra features help with planting and cropping times for each month of the year, helping to utilise growing space efficiently. All I had to do was measure my plot, put the measurements into VegPlotter and then drag beds to fit the scale and include things like paths, a shed and compost bins etc. My plan includes a 4 year crop rotation system of 4 large beds, a good-size pumpkin patch, soft fruit bed, rhubarb patch, strawberry bed, a flower cutting patch, grass paths and compost bins.

VegPlotter is really easy to use, just register and away you go! Use code ALLOTMENTHAVEN for 20% off


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