Slug Gone Wool Pellets Review

An allotment is the ultimate all-you-can-eat buffet to a slug, just without the invite. I’ve never been tempted to use traditional slug pellets, I just don’t see the point of attracting the things to my veg in the first place and it doesn’t sit right with me, poisoning my soil and other wildlife too. And I’m probably going to be heckled for admitting this but I’ll put it out there anyway…I don’t like the thought of killing slugs either (I’m a live and let live kinda girl) so I’ve been looking into safer, healthier and cruelty-free ways of controlling them for all concerned.

Slug Gone wool pellets have caught my attention many times over, I like the idea of using a natural product on my allotment and not killing anything in the process. There are other benefits to using wood pellets too, once wet the pellets swell and spread out to form a protective woolly mat (irritating the foot of slugs and snails) which acts as a mulch, supressing weeds and retaining moisture. This mat stays put for a long while, protecting your plants even through prolonged wet or dry weather as it has on my allotment, but it will eventually biodegrade, releasing organic nutrients back into the soil.

If you’ve never heard of these slug pellets before take a quick peek at the video below for a demo.

But do they work?

Well, for me on my allotment anyway I can say yes they do. I planted out lots of brassica which slugs love at the end of May, with June being unusually wet the slugs and snails partied hard around the allotment site but not a sign of their activities on my plants protected by Slug Gone. Even comfrey stayed damage-free which is usually a slug magnet.

I didn’t have the luck of being sent a sample of Slug Gone in exchange for a blog post, I bought a 10 litre tub with my hard-earned pennies pounds, yes, the price tag is pretty hefty so there’s my first and only negative and you do need to put down quite a lot around plants hence why I went for a massive tub (oops there’s another negative), but they work so I don’t mind so much. This review is completely based on my own needs and wants for slug control and if I’m going to continue to be so honest I guess I was dubious at the start. I mean, if it doesn’t kill then it can’t work, right????

See for yourself if you like them, just don’t pass out on the floor when you see the price.

Click here to visit Slug Gone website.


2 thoughts on “Slug Gone Wool Pellets Review

  1. The slug gone web site does not mention the price, that alone puts me off.
    so far I have not used slug pellets – mainly as I never thought of it.
    wonder if there edible?


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