Plot Swap

Back in October my parents were offered a full plot on the same site as me. Due to problems going on with their new house they just about had enough time to dig over a small patch to plant some garlic and since then haven’t had any spare time for their plot at all. My dad has constantly worried that the plot is too big for their needs and with all their time being swallowed up with the joys of house renovations feels they should have taken a half plot instead. After much thought about my parents current predicament I decided to offer a plot swap, my half plot for their full plot. I’m more than happy to take on a larger plot and my parents would be in the position to sow and grow come spring on plot 33 rather than starting from scratch. So it was settled (27th December), everyone in agreement of the swap and the allotment committee notified.

I now have a larger plot to play with and a complete blank canvas, and I’m happy that my dad won’t be constantly worrying. It’s not nice to see them down and if I can help in any way I will, my parents really have had a rough time lately and there are other things going on that I don’t wish to go into on the blog (hence my absence from blogging and social media), it’s very personal and a very stressful time for us as a family. I’d like to make life a little easier for them and having an allotment shouldn’t be stressful, but my poor dad in particular doesn’t seem to be able to switch off right now.

I realise I’ve put in a lot of hard work on plot 33 to get it to where it is now, the swap is very much appreciated by my parents and I’m not afraid of more hard work to come. I enjoy it! You have to look after your parents as they get older, I think this arrangement makes absolute sense. 

I do hope you continue to follow my allotment journey, things are going to look a lot different around here! It’s exciting and I can’t wait to share my new plot adventures with you. I wish you a Happy New Year and a fabulous growing year ahead.



7 thoughts on “Plot Swap

  1. What a clever solution to advantage both parties! Looking forward to following the progress and changes, and hoping all the family stress is lightened quickly.


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