Inside My Allotment Shed

Ever since my allotment shed was born in May 2018, I’ve spent many happy moments painting it and sourcing items for the inside to serve a purpose, along with other items just to pretty it.

inside the shed

The table/desk/potting bench is actually a very old drinks trolley I picked up for under £10, it’s on castors so I can move it around and the top folds out to create a bigger working surface. The chair was a rickety old thing I picked up cheap, a touch of paint and a cushion and it’s as good as new. It’s still rickety though.

potting shed

inside allotment shed

I picked up a pine shelf unit for £5 and painted it the same colour as the shed to blend in, vintage style floral bunting hangs from above. Suddenly my shed is starting to look how I dreamed it would.

allotment shed shelf

After searching for personalised art of my shed for a while I found the perfect artist on Etsy. Using a photograph of my shed to work from, Ciara from Smudge Art made me something truly wonderful. I found Ciara to be very accommodating and easy to work with. I just knew I was going to love what she’d made, and when I ripped the pretty paper from my framed artwork and saw it for the first time I instantly loved it. My little allotment shed, pretty in a picture and surrounded by pumpkins. How could I not love it?!

allotment shed

textile artwork

I have some women’s land army posters, photos and other bits and bobs yet to go inside including a beautiful little decorative shelf my parents gave me (perfect for my artwork to sit on!).

My shed means so much more than somewhere to hang my muddy tools, it’s a space to sit and dream, plan my growing year and drink tea while soaking in the joy and serenity.

5 thoughts on “Inside My Allotment Shed

  1. Wow! I am yet to focus on my own personal space but eventually I will get time to give it a lick of paint! yours looks fabulous and I love the little tapestry! Bunting in hand, (a present from my husband) I hope to have a little haven of my own!

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    1. Thank you so much! I do love a bit of bunting and I’m sure your space will come together soon. I concentrated on my shed quite early due to recovering from surgery, it made sense to paint and pretty for a while and I found it so therapeutic!

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      1. My space is pretty organised, as every time I head to paint the shed I find something else that needs doing on the plot! maybe next year!


  2. Wow, what a pretty shed! I love your shed fabric picture too. You’re inspiring my shed goals! Where do you hide all the messy shed junk? (The inside of my shed looks like a mini tornado has been through it!!). 🙂


    1. Valonia, thank you! My previous allotment shed was a mess inside, and no doubt will start creeping inside this one too, but for now the only messy area I have remains out of sight underneath the trolley!


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