National Allotments Week

National Allotments Week

I happily trundled up to my little plot in the rain today in wellies (which strangely makes me very happy after 10 weeks of scorching sun) armed with my camera to take part in my own little way with National Allotments Week 2018. By sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings about plot 33 along with photographs and blogs, I sincerely hope it inspires at least one person to start their grow your own journey, or better still, sign up for an allotment.

allotment shed

I can honestly say with hand on heart, and despite my recent health problems, taking on an allotment once more was the best thing I’ve done for my own self healing and mental peace. An allotment to me is more than just a place to grow some veg, it’s a place to escape everyday life and reconnect with myself. A warm snuggly hug awaits as I walk through the gate, like an old friend waiting to greet me. I feel my mind relax and switch off as my plot comes into view and all my troubles leave me (I know it sounds daft but it’s true). My plot is a peaceful haven in this busy world and for that alone I truly deeply love it. The veg is a bonus. Yes there will always be weeds to pull up and digging to get on with but I never see it as a chore, each season brings with it something different and interesting, sometimes challenging, but this is part and parcel of the spirit of owning an allotment, things don’t always go to plan but when they do the triumph is even sweeter.

national allotment week, allotment shed, pretty allotment

As you can see my allotment is not the biggest, it’s actually teeny tiny compared to most but it’s big enough to grow the things I like, such as pumpkins and winter storing squash which are my absolute favourite crops (Ok, I’m actually a little bit obsessed). I find them exciting to grow mainly because there are so many different varieties, shapes and colours and they grow so quickly creeping everywhere which I love, popping up here and there tangled in a jungle of vine. There’s something magical about Cinderella coach pumpkins don’t you think?

moranga pumpkin, brazilian pumpkin, pink pumpkin

I like using pumpkins to make moist cakes or roasting and stuffing for a warming winters night meal.

allotment, pumpkins

This little plot of mine makes my heart sing, I’m so happy with how it’s shaping up just 5 months on from signing up. If you feel inspired to take on an allotment for whatever reason personal to you, I urge you to do it. It’s therapy and you get pumpkins.

National Allotments Week 13th – 19th August 2018


8 thoughts on “National Allotments Week

  1. Your plot looks great especially the pumpkins…what variety are they? I too enjoy opening the plot gates, seeing my shed in the distance and settling down for the afternoon for a spot of weeding! I always have tea on hand too! I firmly believe in the therapeutic benefits of gardening and within my job I show people what a great feeling it is to grow your own food! Good luck !

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    1. Many thanks, Lisa. The pumpkins are a variety called Moranga. They’re also known as the pink pumpkin and range in colour from light pink to salmon although mine aren’t showing any pink tones just yet. Oh yes, tea is a must although lately I’ve grabbed for water because it’s just been so hot. I’m really looking forward to enjoying tea in the shed as the weather cools. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. Hi, I would love to see a good recipe, as I am hoping for a few more pumpkins, marrows and squashes!


  3. Cool, look forward to it! ps, I did not see your pictures on my last view, obviously a technical error, but your pumpkins are fabulous!


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