More Harvests

Last week was hot and Friday in particular reached a ridiculous temperature. Sadly, I lost one of my chickens to heat stress despite my best efforts. The weekend was all change, much cooler with heavy rain, and even though it tipped down for most of Saturday the ground is still quite dry. The lush potato… Continue reading More Harvests


January on the Allotment

A mild spell of weather last month and into January gave the broad beans sown in November a push to germinate, just one or two beans missing by the looks of it but I always sow generously to allow for failures and thin out later. Just one double row because I'm the only broad bean… Continue reading January on the Allotment


Compost, Planting and Sunday Dinner!

The raised beds on Plot 11w are taking some time to completely fill up, I'm getting there slowly, just concentrating on one bed at a time. Homemade compost has been set aside to mulch the larger beds on Plot 5 as I clear them, so I'm having to buy in compost to top the raised… Continue reading Compost, Planting and Sunday Dinner!

Growing Guides

Chitting Seed Potatoes

Seed potatoes are readily available from garden centres and seed merchants from early January, offering many different varieties to chose from. Produced to be disease-free they offer the best possible start with growing your own potatoes. You may have come across a gardening term called 'chitting' or 'chit', so what does this mean exactly? Chitting… Continue reading Chitting Seed Potatoes