Allotment Jobs for July

Summer is in full swing and harvests are coming more frequent. There’s plenty to pick and plenty to do on the allotment such as watering and keeping up with the weeding which can feel like hard work, so take the time to enjoy your plot with a well earned cuppa. Plant out early purple sprouting… Continue reading Allotment Jobs for July


Allotment Jobs for March

March is an exciting time for gardeners, the light is returning and spring bulbs are in bloom. Seed sowing can begin this month but always keep an eye on weather conditions and try to plan ahead, far better to follow the weather than the calendar. Jobs that can be carried out this month, depending on… Continue reading Allotment Jobs for March

Monthly Allotment Jobs

Allotment Jobs For January

Now is the perfect time to plan for the busy year ahead! Browse seed catalogues and plan what you’re going to grow and where, drawing a plan of your plot can help. If you’re a busy person, think about how much time you can realistically spend at your allotment, try to plan accordingly, avoiding the mistake… Continue reading Allotment Jobs For January